Hosting Organization

Institut Teknologi Sumatera


Advisory Board

Prof., Ir. Ofyar Z. Tamin, M.Sc (Eng)., Ph.D – Rector of Institut Teknologi Sumatera, Indonesia


Steering Committee

Prof. Dr.Ing Mitra DjamalVice Rector, Institut Teknologi Sumatera, Indonesia

Prof. Dr. Sukrasno, M.S.Vice Rector, Institut Teknologi Sumatera, Indonesia


Organizing Committee

Prof. Dr. Leo Hari Wiryanto, M.S. – Conference Chair

Dr. Ir. Citra Persada, M.Sc. Conference Co-Chair

Helmia Adita Fitra S.T., M.T. – Secretary

Restu Almiati S.Si., M.T. – Treasurer

Hadi Teguh Yudistira S.T., Ph.D. – Sponsorship and Conference Management System

Muhammad Asril, M.Si. Conference Management System

Rishal Asri, S.T., M.Eng. – Publication Information and Field Trip

Kardo Rajagukguk, S.Pd., M.Eng. – Publication Information and Public Relation

Efa Maydhona Saputra, M.T.Logistics and Appurtenances


Scientific Committee Member



* To be confirmed