Energy resources potential of Sumatera area, such as petroleum, natural gas, coals, and geothermal that are scattered and plantiful, is a great asset to actualize Sumatera as the Lumbung Energy especially through Electricity Development and fuel and energy supply industry. Yet Sumatera is also an area that tend to occur natural disasters such as earthquake, forest fires, landslide, volcano mountain, etc. Energy resources of petroleum in Sumatera and the nationwide is predicted to be depleted in the year of 2025, if new petroleum reservoir could not be found in anywhere until that year. Acquisition of petroleum based on the usage of technology nowadays ranged between 20% and 40% from the actual amount of oil in earth. At this time, many colleges and research institurion are developing the newest technology of exploitation which will producing this residual petroleum. Therefore, if the new technology has ready to used then oil energy resources could still survive above the year of 2025.

ITERA has contribution on the development of agriculture and plantation technology in Sumatera development. Other than that, for supporting the progress of agriculture and plantation in Sumatera development and the various related industries, human resources and technology expansion are required to build transportation along Sumatera. Toll road construction and railway plans are duty for ITERA to provide human resource needs.

To actualize Indonesia as an industrial country that firm in the year of 2025, face the challenges and exist constrains, and revitalize national industry, ITERA has prepared 35 Road Map priority of industry cluster development for five years ahead (2010-2014) as elaboration of Perpres 28/2008.

According to that, ITERA will held International Seminar as a forum for researchers, observers, communities, stakeholders, as well as other related parties with the theme of  “The Role of The Independence and Sustainability of Energy and Sustainable Technologies for The Development of The Industry”. This seminar event is intended for providing a space for discussion and share of ideas and / or related research. The seminar is expected to serve as a liaison and decision-making forum for practitioners in Indonesia as well as at the international level. Therefore, support and cooperation with various professional associations and policy implementing institutions are important in supporting the success of the seminar. The seminar event will be accompanied by other supporting activities including field trip as an event series of Dies Natalis of ITERA. As an added attraction, this seminar will explore cultural icon in Sumatera with the theme of the future of Sumatera.